Sheila Matz, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCS #24196
Sheila can be reached at:

Phone: (925) 297-5508

Children, Family Therapy, Life Transitions

I am a licensed therapist who works with children, adults, adolescents and families, and am someone who believes in the resilience and innate healing potential in each individual.  It is my job to work with my clients to come up with a plan to address their concerns and to improve their wellbeing. I have training in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, client-centered therapy, and family systems therapy.

I work to use the most effective treatments  to provide relief of symptoms, a higher level of functioning, and attainment of goals.  It is my job to help clients  to build resources within themselves, to remove barriers to their potential, and to move towards health.

I strive to provide assistance with compassion and respect, and welcome the opportunity to learn about your family’s unique cultural heritage.  It is a privilege and an honor to be able to work with children and families in the community.