Marlies Rosmark, MA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #MFC 94695
Marlies can be reached at:

Phone: (925) 257-4071

Acculturation, Children, Trauma

We all need support because at times life can be difficult. It may be enough to talk with friends or other people you trust but sometimes not. Therapy can be a way to help you. I offer a genuine environment in which we look together how you can get back on track. I work with an integrative approach, depending on what you are struggling with and I combine pragmatism with depth. Overall, what drives me as a therapist is my belief in the healing power of being connected with yourself and the people around you.


You might feel you lost this connection with your child or teen. Or maybe your child or teen is showing behavior at home or at school that worries you. I help children to find their strengths and cope with what bothers them. For smaller children I will be using play therapy, for teens I use a different strength-based approach.


So I welcome people of all ages and we will try together how you can reconnect.


I also have training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This is a practical mindfulness-based approach that can help you to manage strong emotions, cope with difficulties around intimacy and relationships and become more compassionate towards yourself.


I am fluent in Dutch and German.