Lena Nathanson, MA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist CA#90501
Lena can be reached at:

(925) 297-5157

Children, Couples, Grief & Loss, Life Transitions

On the path towards clarity, relief and well-being all we have to do in each moment is take the next step.  Looking for a good therapist is an excellent step.

Sometimes our relationships are joyful, our work or education is successful, our family life is rewarding and we experience ease and flow.  At other times it becomes clear that some of our approaches are not bringing us the quality of life we want, or life’s challenges have become overwhelming, and we are ready for a change.

I offer my clients new ways to thrive, even amidst life’s challenges.  I give great care and thought to how I work with each client to get to the heart of the matter quickly through just the right combination of support, feedback and practical suggestions.  I especially work with couples wanting to either improve their relationship or get help deciding whether or how to separate; kids who are suffering (or insufferable!); and adults wanting more joy and ease.

Therapy is not having to go it alone, but navigating positive change, one step at a time, together.  If you would like to consider beginning therapy with me, I would be glad to speak with you to explore working together.  I wish you well on your search!