Jeannette Harroun, MA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Jeanette can be reached at:

Phone: 925 890-7478

Adolescents, Children, Parenting Concerns

Certified Parenting Facilitator, American Psychological Association, ACT Program

I am a solution-focused marriage and family therapist working with children (ages 3-12), teens, young adults, individuals, and families. In addition to private practice, I’ve worked in schools and community counseling centers and am trained in using play therapy, child development, positive parenting, and attachment and social thinking principles. I am also a certified parenting facilitator.

My approach to therapy is warm and playful and my office includes a playroom and sand tray. I understand that people – kids in particular – don’t always communicate with words. Communication through behavior is universal. For kids dealing with uncomfortable emotions – especially if they don’t quite understand or want to acknowledge them – behavior is often an instinctual means of communication and can result in actions that are frustrating and disruptive at home or school.

As an interactive, creative therapist, I help clients understand and challenge beliefs and behaviors that aren’t working. I believe that when we become aware of our behaviors and learn to accept responsibility for them, we can make life into what we want it to be. I work collaboratively with clients to help them find ways to reduce anxiety, stress and frustration, communicate more effectively, and feel better.