Anny Papatheodorou, M.A., M.A., MSc.

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #120773

Acculturation, Life Transitions, Trauma


Areas of focus include life transitions, acculturation & identity, high achievers & self-doubt, as well as trauma & shame. If you would like to work on an area outside of what I’ve listed, please reach out and we can discuss what you are looking for.


All Parts of You are Welcome


We all consist of “parts” – facets of ourselves that formed in response to life experiences, beliefs, and felt emotions. Here is the twist: the parts we resist and outlaw in ourselves seep through the cracks of our fragmented soul and manifest as undesirable behavior with unwanted outcomes. For this reason, we stay stuck and parts of us remain unfulfilled and unattended.


Instead of leaving those parts unacknowledged, forgotten and perhaps even resentful with tendencies to lash out unconsciously, through therapy we can reclaim and integrate them into your day-to-day life. At the end of the day, these are your warrior-protector parts that have helped you survive throughout your life. They don’t want to be rejected or blamed. They don’t need fixing. They want to be understood, accepted, and to ultimately belong.


Whether your struggle runs deep or is an interim situation, together we can create possibilities and explore options to manifest a life you love with the life you have. With support, you can rewrite your story as you embark on your inner quest of becoming more of who you really are. Our purpose together will be to make meaning out of your experiences, as well as highlight opportunities for symptom relief, expansion, and healing. You can think of me as your guide as you (re)learn to move through the world with more confidence and a knowing of “I’m okay” inside.


My approach has been described as having depth, heartfelt curiosity, integrity and humility. For therapy to work, it is important that you and I develop a good working relationship with each other. I predominantly take my cues from you and move at the pace you feel most comfortable with. I wholeheartedly believe that your soul knows what it needs. You can become your own healer. By unfolding your stories and speaking your truth you can begin to access the wisdom and strength that is inherently yours.


The path to getting here was not straightforward or laid with petals. I started out my career as an organizational development professional, which mostly involved executive and leadership coaching. My lived experiences brought into focus my desire to use my education, trainings, and life skills in ways that could help others and contribute to the greater whole. So I decided to switch gears, go back to school, and pursue the dream of becoming a psychotherapist.


Anny Papatheodorou, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #120773

Supervised by Nes Pinar, LMFT #94911


MA in Integral Counseling Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies

MA in Transpersonal Psychology, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

MSc in Organizational and Social Psychology, London School of Economics & Political Science