Strength Based Multicultural Strategic Therapy with Terry Soo-Hoo

Strength Based Multicultural Strategic Therapy with Terry Soo-Hoo

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This presentation is the Module One of a four Module sequence Dr. Soo-Hoo have presented in a Webinar recently that broadcasted to four different countries: “Introduction to Theory of Strength Based Multicultural Strategic Therapy. Other modules include: Module 2: Interventions, Module 3: Working with Families, and Module 4: Working with Couples.

There will be discussions of how psychological problems develop and also how they can be solved based upon this method. Many techniques will be presented on how to help clients understand their ineffective attempted solutions that are not working and then how they can develop alternative solutions that can be more effective. Much emphasis will be on how to activate a client’s strengths and how to make use of these strengths to solve the problem. There will be a video example that will demonstrate the method. Participants will also practice creating more effective solutions that are 180 degree turns from the attempted solutions that are not working.

Much of this workshop will address issues of culture, race, sexual orientation, diversity and social justice and equality, etc.  A major premise is the idea that all therapy is multicultural therapy. This means that every client brings to therapy a unique world and therefore the challenge for every therapy is for the therapist to be able to enter the unique world of each client. This therapy method is especially adept at working with cultural differences as it is highly adaptable and therefore able to work within the unique world of the client.

Participants will be able to:

1. Describe basic theory and techniques of Strength Based Multicultural Strategic Therapy
2. Assess who might benefit from Strength Based Multicultural Strategic Therapy and why
3. List specific interventions that make use of a clients’ strengths to assist them to solve their problems

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Terry Soo-Hoo is the Clinical Director of MRI (Mental Research Institute) in Palo Alto. In addition, he is currently professor at the California State University East Bay in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program. He completed his Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to university teaching he devoted over twenty years as a psychologist in Community Mental Health Services in San Francisco working with a diverse range of people with many different psychological problems. His publications include topics on multi-cultural issues in psychotherapy and consultation. He has special interests in the area of strength based innovative culturally relevant approaches to psychotherapy. He has also provided extensive presentations, training, supervision and consultation on these topics to agencies and other professionals in many countries.  Dr. Soo-Hoo is Board Certified in Family and Couples Psychology (ABPP).

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* 3 CE credits will be provided to participants.

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