Nick Orsi, M.A. - Bay Area Psychotherapy Institute
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Nick Orsi, M.A.

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #86634
Nick can be reached at:

Phone: 925-297-5440

Practice Areas
Adolescents, Anxiety, Chronic Pain
About This Therapist

Often we can experience patterns of anxiety or depression in our lives. However, therapy can bring awareness to our thoughts and feelings, and move us towards peace and stability.

My passion is working with adolescents and adults from a relational approach. Connecting through a healing relationship is the heart of therapy. In this light, we’re able to reclaim our sense of wellbeing, and become centered in the present moment.

In working with adolescents, I respect their need to be heard and valued. They may need a more subtle approach. Play therapy can be especially helpful for relating, opening the path for communication.

With support and guidance, we can discover the resources within ourselves, and develop our true potential.

Please contact me if you feel this approach could help you, or your child.

Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from JFK University. Supervised by Sheila Matz, LCSW #24196.