Kelly Vincent, PsyD - Bay Area Psychotherapy Institute
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Kelly Vincent, PsyD

Registered Psychological Assistant PSB94023538
Kelly Can Be Reached at:

(925) 451-1795

Practice Areas
Performance Psychology, Women's Issues, Young Adults
About This Therapist

We all struggle at times. This is perfectly normal. Coming to therapy is one way to work through these struggles, while having the opportunity to build awareness, insight, skills, and improve your mood and relationships. Therapy is unique in that it provides the space to explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences with someone who is empathetic, nonjudgmental, and unbiased.


I am a therapist who talks during session, specifically providing feedback, perspective, and encouragement for you to develop your own hypotheses and insights. During the first few sessions, we will collaboratively set both short and long-term goals to ensure focus and progress. Together we will also decide if we are a good “fit,” as this is an imperative part of the overall process.


My approach often utilizes a combination of research-supported treatments and therapeutic styles that are tailored to your presenting concern, personal history, and individual strengths. Additionally, I believe in a holistic approach, specifically integrating both the mind and body. When appropriate we may explore alternative treatment options such as Walk Talk Therapy, Trauma-Informed Yoga, or Mindfulness-based interventions. Overall, my goal is to make therapy sessions feel approachable and comfortable, as it can definitely be difficult and unfamiliar at first.


I genuinely love what I do, as I get help guide wonderful people who are simply experiencing life and the many challenges that come along with it. Highlighted below is a list of practice areas that I often work with. If you find yourself needing a little extra support, let’s chat.


Practice Areas:

  • College/Young Adults
  • Performance-related issues (e.g. sport/athlete, professional, academic)
  • Women struggling with postpartum, neonatal death, infertility
  • Depression/mood disorders
  • Relationships
  • Grief/Loss
  • Anxiety, social anxiety and panic
  • Trauma (e.g. childhood, sexual assault, sport-related)
  • Life transitions, identity development, body image, and self-esteem


I received my masters and doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D) from California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco. I am a Registered Psychological Assistant (#PSB94023538), under the supervision of Abby Holland, Ph.D. (PSY11094).


Looking forward to meeting you!