Audrey Majerczak, M.A.

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #114402
Audrey Can Be Reached at:

(925) 298-2541

Adolescents, Children, Infants & Early Parenting
About This Project

My goal is to provide an integrated approach of Client-Centered Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for each client. Therapy is the initial step to customize your flow and balance through life. Together we can define the skills needed to create a guide through the chaos and rigidity that parenting throws your way. Whether you are a first-time parent or a growing family, let’s make sure it is heading in your desired direction.


I also recognize the importance of therapy and positive role modeling for children and teens. My own childhood years were full of accomplishments, but I often struggled with lack of confidence and low self-esteem. My triumphs should have supported a positive intrinsic sense of self, but instead, like so many today, I found myself seeking external validation. Personally, I learned the value of hard work and the benefits of authentic relationships, but most importantly to invest in myself. As a parent, I understand the fluctuation of being exhausted, frustrated, excited and proud within the same moment. As a therapist, I use my experiences coupled with my education to provide support and strength to impact and shape children and their support system.


Bachelor in Psychology from California State University, East Bay
Master’s of Science, Counseling, Marriage, Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counseling from California State University, East Bay
Supervised By Kate Leyva, MFT #85465