Deepening Presence - Mindfulness CE Event May 19 - Bay Area Psychotherapy Institute
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Deepening Presence – Mindfulness CE Event May 19

Deepening Presence – Mindfulness CE Event May 19

Continuing Education Workshop on Mindfulness for Psychotherapists

Joree Rosenblatt will be teaching this class on how cultivating a mindfulness practice can have significant benefits for both clinicians and clients. This experiential workshop will provide therapists with a working definition of mindfulness, its background and contextual framework for clinical application, as well as research-based evidence to support its merits. Hands-on tools will be demonstrated in how to develop (or deepen) their own mindfulness practice, as well as how to introduce mindfulness to their clients and use it as a therapeutic modality. The workshop will be held on Friday, May 19 from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

Joree is the author of Take a Mindful Minute, a booklet designed for parents and kids to develop a joint practice in mindfulness.

You can download a flyer for the workshop, or click here to register.